How to Search the Eurasian Patent Office Website

Eurasian Patents

You may have only heard of Eurasian regional patent filings, but for the pharmaceutical industry, protection is critical in the strategy for worldwide patent protection.  The Eurasian patent examination process is like the European patent office in that a regional patent office conducts the examination in place of the individual designated countries. 

However, once the Eurasian patent grants, unlike the European patent office, you make all annuity payments to the Eurasian patent office.  This makes searching efficient by only needing to go to one website.  Let’s find out what the Eurasian patent office website has to offer.

The Eurasian patent office website has various pages whereby you can search for Eurasian bibliographic information around the patent application. I, however, like the search page found at the link in the previous paragraph and shown below.

Translation Issues

You may notice that there is an “ENG” link in the upper right-hand corner, and you may be tempted to use the link for the English translation.  Unfortunately, that only takes you back to their main page in English, so I translate from my browser.  From this page, I know the first and second fields are the patent and application numbers, respectively.  Either field works, but in this example, I used an application number.

How To Search Eurasian Patent Office Website 1

Search Results

After clicking the search button, the search result is displayed and selecting the invention title navigates me to the detailed patent information page.  From here, there is a good amount of bibliographic information. 

A quick browser translation allows you to quickly recognize the first field is the patent number, the third field is the application number, and the fourth field is the application date (be mindful of the date format of YYYY.MM.DD).  Additional fields include priority information, title, inventor names, applicant name and Eurasian representative/agent. 

Grant Date

You may have noticed I glossed over a grant date field.  At first blush, the second field seems like it might be the grant date but that wouldn’t be accurate.  The grant date field is the seventh field down and the actual grant date is to the right of the “B1” text.  I’m able to confirm this grant date by clicking on the hyperlinked text next to the PDF icon.  This displays the issued patent document to download, if necessary, but it also confirms the grant date of June 30, 2016.

How To Search Eurasian Patent Office Website 2

The last bit of information around this Eurasian patent example is the information towards the bottom of the page.  I mentioned earlier all annuity payments are made directly to the Eurasian patent office. Therefore, instead of paying in each designated country, you designate the countries, and the Eurasian patent office indicates the annuity amount.  Upon receiving that payment, they then disseminate the appropriate portions to each designated country. 

Letting Go of Protection

If, after a few years, you decide to not seek protection in each country, the amount adjusts after not electing the given country, and patent protection will cease after the appropriate grace period has run its course.  What’s great about this site are the “X” markings that indicate for which countries the applicant has chosen to seek protection.  You can also see when the last time a payment was made and the renewal year.  I appreciate all this information is in one place so that I don’t have to navigate various patent office websites to confirm the annuities have been paid.

More Information

Now you know the treasures of the Eurasian Patent Office Website!  I’m sure there are more.  If you know of one, I didn’t mention, please let us know or post on our LinkedIn page .  If you found this valuable, we have some upcoming webinars that will cover the subject of patenting in different countries around the world.  Black Hills IP hopes this content becomes a continuous flow of information that the IP community can rely on and act on.  We are the leaders in smarter IP data docketing.

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