Law Firm Docketing for Medium Sized Patent Practices

Challenges Faced by Medium Sized Patent Practices

  • Have outgrown docketing staff but don’t have enough new work to add a full time professional.
  • High cost of support staff in some areas making overhead hard to manage.
  • Need temporary help docketing while staff is out on leave or vacation.
  • Would like to simplify and improve docketing operations and are willing to look at docketing automation to lower cost, speed turn around, reduce labor, and improve accuracy. 
  • Have a large file transfer and lack resources or expertise in managing a large influx of files at once.
  • Want to add or improve a “second pair of eyes” review process for routine on-docketing. 
  • Want to run a dual docketing system to guard against critical date misses but cost and staffing requirements are a deterrent.
  • Want to improve speed and efficiency of IDS processing but don’t know how. 
  • Need help cleaning up bibliographic data or verifying docketing after discovery of a serious error.
  • Occasionally need overflow assistance with paralegal work, file intake, data verification and proofreading.

Black Hills AI Has Solutions to Meet Those Challenges

  • Our SureDocket™ subscription docketing service can be activated selectively and incrementally to take on only as much work as you need done to keep your team’s head above water. Once you are all caught up we can deactivate our service and wait till the next time you need help. All our docketing and document processing services are fully viewable while in process through our Pipeline™ cloud portal.
  • We are expert in file opening and our team uses our innovative File Opening Supervisor system assures your files are opened timely and correctly.
  • Our DocketSaver automated docket error checker can handle your “second pair of eyes” review process for routine on-docketing received from the USPTO’s portal. It requires no change to you docketing process and makes sure all portal items get on your docket as expected.
  • Our economical and thorough DualDocket™ automated dual docketing system keeps a backup docket of your key non-recoverable critical date deadlines to guard against critical date misses. 
  • We can automatically process your incoming USPTO and foreign correspondence, we can give you IDS information in a “ready to load” format to save you tedious and expensive labor. 
  • Our Amazing Grace™ IP data verification system can validate all your IP data to assure that all your client’s matters are docketed correctly, no files are missing, and renewals get paid.
  • Our proofreading technology speeds proofreading and generates certificates of correction ready to go.
  • Our service team is all located in the U.S. so we are easy to work with and understand your practice.
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Have you looked into automated docketing?

Our Automated Docketing can handle 90% of your U.S. docketing before you wake up!