Law Firm Docketing for Solo/Boutique Patent Practices

Challenges Faced by Solo/Boutique Patent Practices

  • May need help choosing the best docketing system for their needs.
  • Need a docketing solution that is effective but also economical.
  • Scale too small to staff and train dedicated expert docketing resources.
  • May lack docketing or paralegal expertise.
  • Difficult to deploy full range of internal best practices to avoid docketing failures.
  • May need paralegal support if work is sporadic or not large enough to hire a full-time staff.
  • Need help when staff is out on leave or vacation.
  • Occasionally need overflow assistance with paralegal work, file intake, data verification and proofreading.

Black Hills AI Has Solutions to Meet Those Challenges

  • We work in almost every IP management system and can help fit one to your needs.
  • If you don’t have an IP management system, we are able to inexpensively subscribe you to one and get you up and running virtually overnight. 
  • We can arrange for you to access your matters pending in the USPTO, update you as actions are taken, and provide free prosecution analytics to help your decision-making process on patent prosecution decisions.
  • Our SureDocket™ subscription docketing service is delivered through our cloud portal Pipeline™ and readily scalable to seamlessly deliver world class matter tracking and docketing services and processes directly into your IP management system. 
  • Our Pipeline™ cloud portal provides full transparency to all items we process or docket and access to all your historic portal correspondence and free prosecution analytics.
  • Our SureDocket™ de-docket/cross-off service includes dual docketing of nonrecoverable critical deadlines so catastrophic mistakes are avoided.
  • We are experts in file opening and our team working with our innovative File Opening Supervisor system assures your files are opened timely and correctly.
  • Our paralegal, file transfer team, data verification team and proofreading team are on call whenever you need help.
  • Our service team is all located in the U.S. so we are easy to work with and understand your practice.

AppColl Turnkey Docketing Solution for Small Practices

Our AppColl Turnkey Docketing solution features the following:

  • Affordable set up fee for standard configuration
  • Full capability AppColl docketing platform
  • Seamless low-cost US and foreign SureDocket™ docketing services
  • All docket items fully accessible in our Pipeline™ cloud portal
  • Turn-key – just say yes and we do the rest
  • Easy to use 
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Have you looked into automated docketing?

Our Automated Docketing can handle 90% of your U.S. docketing before you wake up!