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We're happy to integrate with businesses and law firms of all sizes

Whether you’re paying 1 annuity per year or 1000, we’re here to provide you the same great customer care.

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Law Firms

Manage your clients annuities directly in our system. Looking to offload annuities due to liability? Refer your clients to us. We’ll take it from there.


Save time and overhead costs by offloading your annuity workload to us. We equip you with the knowledge to make smart decisions faster.

Individual Inventors

You’re the real heroes of this industry. We’ll take care of the menial tasks while you focus on what you do best: promoting innovation.

Our Features

Group 1

Simple, Transparent Payments

Submit payment instructions with all your costs itemized. Absolutely no hidden fees.
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Tag patents for categorization analysis. These can be done manually or uploaded in bulk from your docketing system
Group 3

Cost Forecasting

Estimate future annuity costs and identify potential savings through our budgeting feature.
Group 5

Identify Top Performers

Use analytics to find your most essential patents and inventors.
Group 6

Easy Invoicing

View all payments past and present as well as payment status on current invoices.
Group 4

Patent Families

Review patent families and implement a ratings system based on family size and coverage.

Fully Transparent Pricing

No hidden fees
  • $0 Onboarding Fee
  • $0 Monthly or Yearly Cost
  • $0 Software Charges
  • 0% Currency Exchange Markup
  • No Foreign Agent Kickbacks
  • Unlimited Seat Licenses
  • No Minimum Portfolio Size
  • Cancel Anytime

Here are just a few of the many features our clients love

And we're constantly rolling out new updates!

Automated Workflows


Remove the need to manually instruct on annuity payments by utilizing our auto-invoicing feature. Set your instruction period to fit your workflow and have invoices automatically sent to your billing department as annuities approach their due dates. Forget to change an instruction prior to invoicing? No problem – all invoices are easily editable within the dashboard.


Effortlessly keep your patents in good standing with auto-pay. Have your funds automatically withdrawn from a credit card or ACH as annuities come due. You’re always kept in the loop as the month before any charges you will receive a list of annuities and the total amount due for the subsequent month, giving you plenty of time in case you want to adjust an instruction.

Budget Forcasting

Delight your finance team with cost expenditure reports

Set your parameters and easily generate budget reports using our Forecasting and Analysis tool. You can narrow down your results by year range, country, or payment plan and display the data by month, quarter, or year.

Patent Analytics

Take a deep dive into your own or your competitor’s patent portfolios to help drive strategic decisions

How many patents do you currently have pending at the patent office? How many are granted? What’s your average patent family size? Who is citing your patents and which competitors are you citing? What’s the geographic patent landscape in my tech sector? The answers to these questions and many more are available to you at no additional cost.

Life is Full of Decisions...

Our Philosophy

But an annuity decision made without data isn’t a decision at all. It’s guessing. Through our platform, all your decisions are in one place, providing you the power to analyze, manage, instruct, and pay your annuities all within the same window.

We want to help you make data-based decisions, not date-based ones. With busyness dictating determinations far more than strategy, we realized we needed a whole new generation of tools for IP and business professionals.

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Thousands of Happy Customers

The granularity of the data on this system is astounding. It is far more user friendly than any other annuity system. You’re going to love it.

Glen Belvis
Attorney at Belvis Law LLc

Ward Law Office has been pleased to work with the docketing and maintenance/renewal teams at Black Hills AI. Their professionalism, responsiveness, and attention to detail is excellent. We can recommend Black Hills AI for these services without reservation.

Jacob Ward
Attorney at Ward Patent Law

Before, paying annuities was a horrible chore… there have been a number of advantages in moving to Black Hills AI Renewals. For starters, it’s been hugely helpful being able to run a cost model on both individual patents and on patent families that aids in strategic decision making. We love utilizing custom tags by technology applicability, M&A, licenses and relevance to competition, and third-party obligations. The power of this platform is that it provides objective roots to decision making. You can evaluate your IP by forward citations, by how many cases were filed by that class in that year and then plan subsequent activity. Lastly, you can provide cost predictability. If I need to provide an immediate 20% budget reduction, let’s model that a couple ways on my annuity budget and give it to the business to make decisions and explain what they get for each level of spend. This tool allows you to do that and is tremendously powerful.

David Joyal
VP Legal at COTY

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your fee structure?

We are committed to 100% transparency with our pricing. We charge a one-time management fee per annuity payment we make on your behalf. That’s it. No onboarding, yearly, or hidden fees.

How do you keep our portfolio data up-to-date?

It’s up to you, but we recommend connecting us with your law firm. We’ve found the best practice is to set up automated reports out of a patent docketing system. Need help? We can provide documentation on how to create “set it and forget it” reports out of most major systems. Once we receive these reports, we carry out a data reconciliation procedure, comparing the new data with what is in our system and making any necessary updates.

Do you always pay directly or do you use foreign agents?

We always pay directly when we can, however, we are required to go through a local agent in some countries. In those cases, the “agent fee” will always reflect exactly what we are charged. We never receive foreign agent kickbacks.

What methods of payment can I use?

You can pay by wire transfer, ACH, credit card, debit card, or mailing us a check.

Do you require a minimum portfolio size?

Nope, we accept clients that have one payment per year or thousands.